You don't have to settle with the symptoms that are holding you back! I would love to walk this health journey alongside you and help you uncover the root cause of your GI distress and autoimmunity. 


By optimizing functional medicine and nutrition,we can work together every step of the way to heal your gut & reverse autoimmunity in a natural way. 

Everyone has a story to tell their practitioner. If you aren’t being heard, how will you ever begin to truly heal? 


I care about your story because I believe it usually contains hidden gems that will unlock the solution to your health issues. 

You are a fit if


  • You are ready and willing to dig deeper with me and do things unconventionally than you ever have before. 

  • You wish your provider would take the time to listen to your story

  • You are at a point of your life where you are determined to trust the process that will help us get to the root cause of the problem and look at each individual area that is out of balance

  • You are ready for change, hard work, and to take the road less traveled

  • You BELIEVE in your natural ability to heal. 

  • You are ready to commit to this health journey for the next 12 months for results that last a lifetime. 

  • You are willing to invest physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially into the program. You keep scheduled appointments, and follow recommendations for optimal health 

You are unique.

Your gut health journey should be too. 

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